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Sevco Security is a cybersecurity software company born out of a deep motivation to fix a decades-old problem: attackers have a better understanding of their target networks than the network owners themselves.


6 Steps to Managing Future Vulnerabilities

Best practices to help your security team go from scrambling to managing future vulnerabilities.


Security Hygiene and Posture Management

Highlighting deficiencies relevant to IT and Security teams charged with finding and closing security gaps.


Perception vs. Reality

There are significant gaps between our assumptions and the reality of our security hygiene and asset management.


Sevco Security Asset Intelligence Platform

Learn more about Sevco, the cloud-native asset intelligence platform.

Technical Brief

Asset Correlation Engine (ACE)

How Sevco automatically aggregates and reconciles your asset inventory.

Case Study

San Antonio Academy

The San Antonio Academy of Texas, founded in 1886 is a premier private boys school. As the first school…

Case Study

San Antonio Foundation

The San Antonio Area Foundation is San Antonio’s premier fundraising foundation and distributor…


We have served as vulnerability researchers, exploit developers, IT administrators, incident responders, forensic analysts and security analysts. We have led teams at Carbon Black, Cylance, VMWare, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, U.S. Air Force and USAF Cyber Command. We’ve been operators ourselves and been frustrated with the problems IT, SOC, MSP and Incident Response teams have in understanding their own environment.  Our mission is to fix it. 
We build an asset discovery, inventory, monitoring & analysis platform.  We strive to: Be unified — you have enough siloed sources giving you conflicting asset inventory data, another one isn’t going to improve matters. Provide Intelligence –  we started our career as intelligence officers. In the intelligence collection lifecycle, data is collected from the operational environment, processed to create information and analyzed to become intelligence.  That intelligence is used for senior leaders to better understand the world. Report the inventory and activity of all your assets – if you’re responsible for it, we should have it. Our product is aligned with your responsibility. This is a vision that will take years to achieve. We’d love to have you join us on the journey!
Since we have an enterprise security background, we are primarily working with enterprise security teams today.  That includes incident responders, managed security service providers and other security service providers that support enterprise customers. Of course, smaller teams often don’t have dedicated security staff and every enterprise has a slightly different set of responsibilities between their security operations and IT operations staff.  If you fret over the state of asset discovery in your network, we’re happy to talk with you!  
We are a cloud-native, SaaS platform hosted on AWS. We function entirely off integrations with your existing systems. There is no endpoint agent, network sensor or similar data collectors to install. Configuring the integrations is usually simply configuring API keys for each source.  (Sources only available from a privileged network access will require deployment of software inside that network segment to host the integration. Installation binaries are available for Windows, Mac and Linux and require minimal resources.)

Since we’ve built enterprise SaaS platforms before, we know a thing or two about what it takes to be successful.  We have designed the platform to “autoscale” – automatically increasing resources allocated to processing as those processing requirements increase.  As of Jan 2020, we have already experienced two “100x overnight growth” events and had no impact on system availability or performance. 

It doesn’t matter if you manage hundreds of devices or hundreds of thousands of devices, we’re ready to support you. We’ll inevitably encounter some hurdles along the way as we continue to add features and grow the platform, but we are confident they can be quickly addressed!

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