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How can you be confident in your security controls when you don’t know how many devices you own? Asset discovery is the first step for prevention, detection and response.

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Our security program spans organizational, development, and operational disciplines.

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There’s no faster or simpler way to find your security gaps.

How it Works

Make sense of the data you already have and make your existing investments more effective.

Solving Security Problems

The Challenge

Siloed systems: Agent-based tools are only aware of where they are installed. Network tools only see what’s connected. How do you get a single comprehensive view of all your assets?

The Solution

Unify Asset Inventory Reports

Sevco integrates with your existing tools and joins otherwise disparate inventory reports to build converged asset inventory in a single, unified view.

The Challenge

You’ve invested in a great endpoint security solution. But do you have confidence those controls extend to every device across your environment?

The Solution

Identify Endpoint Security Gaps

Sevco leverages our unique converged asset inventory to quickly identify the endpoints that are missing the necessary security controls, then flags the devices for remediation.

The Challenge

You’re doing a great job pushing patches quickly and consistently. But how do you patch a system you don’t know about?

The Solution

Verify Patch Management Coverage

With our unique converged asset inventory, Sevco can tell you which machines covered by your patch management solution and which ones are not.

The Challenge

You can’t trust your CMDB because it is populated by siloed discovery tools without verfication or correlation. Intended to be the hub of IT asset operations, how can you achieve good results with bad data?

The Solution

Publish Clean Inventory to Your CMDB

Sevco pushes clean, comprehensive asset inventory data into the CMDB, immediately making IT operations teams more effective without changes to existing procedures.

The Challenge

You’re taking periodic inventory snapshots which don’t suffice during your IR investigations. Who had what IP address at what time?

The Solution

Support Your IR Investigations

Sevco generates asset telemetry for inventory and inventory attribute change. These key attributes provide the critical support for your IR investigations and can be published as events into your existing tools such as your SIEM.

Our Approach

You don’t need more endpoint agents, network sensors or log analysis platforms. You have plenty, but they all give you a different, incomplete picture. We integrate with your existing systems to help you make more sense out of the data you’re already collecting.

Unique Sevco Benefits

Confidence in the foundation of your security program

Sevco delivers confidence in your asset inventory and your security program’s efficacy. Asset inventory is the foundation for every major security framework. Inaccurate asset inventory is not only a critical blindspot for security leaders, it undermines the confidence of the entire security program.

Maximize your
current investments

Sevco’s clean, converged asset inventory maximizes your current investments:

Asset telemetry

Sevco generates telemetry to capture the key changes in the asset inventory or attributes. Continuous monitoring allows you to understand all the detailed changes, unlike snapshots which force you to try “filling in the blanks”. You can finally know who had IP last Thursday at 12:10pm.


Sevco’s cloud-native platform enables simple, easy deployments that takes seconds to configure. No installed agents or deployed network scanners. Results appear moments after native-API integrations are configured.

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