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Sevco Security Partner Program

Sevco Security is a cybersecurity software company born out of a deep motivation to fix a decades-old problem: attackers have a better understanding of their target networks than the network owners themselves. We have led teams at Carbon Black, Cylance, VMWare, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, U.S. Air Force, and USAF Cyber Command.

We are built from the ground up to support partners. Our platform is fully multi-tenant - with one set of credentials you can review the status of all your clients. You can generate per-customer and cross-customer reports as needed for your customers or your internal business needs. All partners get tenant provisioning access, so you don’t have to come ask permission to deploy a new client - you just run your business.


You manage your customer’s environments. You’re liable for the security of their enterprise - yet you don’t have any better understanding of your customers assets and their activity than they do. You license by managed endpoint, but can’t easily & accurately measure the count. Devices get added and you don’t get notified.

Sevco provides immediate visibility you can’t get anywhere else. The console can be used by just the MSSP, or also made available to your customer.

The new visibility can be used for managing the deployment of your endpoint agents, increasing security efficacy and right-sizing licensing, increasing revenue. Extending access to your customers provides them the same value, as well as giving you a shared “source of truth” of endpoint counts, simplifying your billing procedures.

Incident Response

Get confidence in your coverage.

Every IR team has missed a box during an engagement. It’s usually the forgotten one in the closet, with 3 years uptime just humming away. The end customer didn’t provide it on their asset inventory sheets and you didn’t find it with your discovery procedures. Of course, the attacker found it -- recognized the box was likely forgotten and installed his backup kit there. After an arduous and expensive remediation process, the attacker simply returns as soon as you leave. That’s a situation that’s no good for anyone.

Let us help you improve your coverage. Compare Sevco’s inventory to the assets you’ve cleared and zero in on the gaps. Never miss that one system again.

Security Consulting Services

Add a net new service offering to your service portfolio - or improve the depth of existing ones.

Include a one-time comprehensive asset discovery service as part of an initial assessment, then follow up with remediation services as required. Perhaps instead your clients offer opportunities to provide specialized technical services during major organizational transitions -- a new acquisition, the rollout of a new platform or other major IT project.

We are in the earliest stages of a revitalization of asset service offerings - you can be the first to market and become the “go to” experts.

Enterprise Design Partner

Complexity grows exponentially with scale.

Complex problems have many components. Complicated problems have a high degree of difficulty. The technical execution of collecting data from your systems is complex - it has many components, but when decomposed into its individual components, none are particularly difficult. By contrast, making sense of the collected data - analyzing it to produce intelligence and bring clarity to your decisions, is a complicated problem with high difficulty. The difficulty is not one of scale, performance or similar engineering challenges - but design.

For large enterprises willing to devote the time and resources to help design simple solutions to complicated problems, we have a limited number of design partner roles available. We’re on a mission to change the game and we can’t do it alone! Contact your Sevco rep for program details.

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We are looking for cultural fit, exceptional skills and customer-obsessed mindsets.