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Asset discovery is the first step for prevention, detection, and response.
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Our security program spans organizational, development, and operational disciplines.

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Sevco Asset
Intelligence Platform

Sevco delivers converged asset inventory and generates real-time asset telemetry for use by security and IT systems and teams. Make sense of the data you already have and make your existing investments more effective.


True cloud-native platform integrates into your environment via native APIs. No VM’s to configure. No agents to install. No network monitors to deploy. No remote access backdoors you need to grant.

Data Collection

The Sevco platform Integrates with your existing systems via native APIs to pull their specific view of asset information. Sevco captures inventory from all sources every hour. The platform does not require any installed agents or deployed scanners.

Correlation Engine

Sevco’s Asset Correlation Engine uses identifying attributes from source systems to join disparate inventory reports, building the converged inventory.

Telemetry Generation

Sevco compares each reported asset state to the previously reported state and generates change events describing the change.

Inventory Change Events

Attribute Change Events


Interactive Venn Diagram uniquely shows “well managed” assets, devices missing specific controls, as well as “known and expected gaps” (e.g., OS specific tools).

Telemetry data is accessed and presented through rich, expressive queries.

Data Publication

Sevco’s data is published for consumption by IT systems to improve and support existing processes.
Telemetry events

Attribute Change Events


Endpoint Protection (EPP) / Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Enter credentials for each of your sources.

Configuration and Patch Management

Enter credentials for each of your sources.

Mobile Management

Enter credentials for each of your sources.

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